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6th Grade - Eagle

Guide to a Successful 6th Grade School Year for Students & Parents

How do I contact core teachers?

What if I need to speak to an administrator or counselor?

The administration team assigned to the Eagle Core is:

How do I keep track of my daily assignments?

Each student is expected to write in their planner and/or journal for every class.  Each core teacher posts assignments as well as the Daily Learning Target on the board and the student is responsible for writing the appropriate information in their planner/journal.

Students should also check the homework link through the Westlake website if they have any questions about what they need to work on.

Parents, we urge you to check your student’s planner/journal daily and make certain your son/daughter is completing it with daily concepts and assignments and/or homework for each subject.

What do I do if I am absent and I miss an assignment?

It is the student’s responsibility to get his or her “We Missed You Sheet” talk to table partners for clarification, and then see the teacher to schedule make-up time if needed. When assignments are completed and turned in on time, students are able to learn at a consistent rate and can acquire the necessary skills to be assessed on a regular basis. Please see each class syllabus for late work policy.

How do I check my progress or how do I check my student’s progress?

The best way to check progress on a daily basis is to use Infinite Campus.  All students/parents have access to the teacher’s gradebook and it is the most effective way to track academic progress.

What do I do if I need extra help?

Math will be having an additional ELO on Tuesday morning from 7:45-8:20 am.  Please communicate with your teacher if you need any additional help or support.

Can I have food or drink in class?

Students are allowed to bring a clear water bottle to take to all classes (no flavored waters are allowed).  Students may have a small healthy snack to be eaten at the beginning of 2nd block.  Sharing of snacks will not be allowed.  Trash is to be thrown away; we do not like critters or bugs in our rooms.

What are the main keys to success?     

CORE:       Communication, Organization, Respect and EFFORT!