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6th Grade - Wolf

Guide to a Successful 6 th Grade School Year for Students and Parents

How do I contact core teachers?

Communication between home and school is an extremely important part of a child’s education. We welcome parent comments, questions, and input. E-mails are a great way to communicate with us. Please let us know of e-mail or telephone number changes so we will always be able to contact you.

Language Arts - Betsy Lyddon - - 720-972- 3185
Math - Jennifer Cianfrance - - 720-972- 3213
Social Studies - Daphne Georgia - - 720-972- 3182
Science - Angela Buffo - - 720-972- 3170

 What if I need to speak to an administrator or counselor?

The administration team assigned to the Wolf Pack Core is:

Assistant Principal - Jon Novotny - - 720-972-5204
Counselor - Danny Austin -  -  720-972-5213

How do I keep track of my daily assignments?

Each student is expected to keep track of their homework and assignments.  Because we no longer have student planners, each student will need to have a system that works best for them (i.e. personal planner, electronic calendar on phone). Each core teacher posts assignments as well as the Daily Learning Target on the board, and the student is responsible for noting the appropriate information.  Students should also check the individual teachers' Westlake websites for homework or calendars if they have any questions about what they need to work on.

Parents, we urge you to make a plan with your student about how they will keep track of their assignments.  Please make certain your son/daughter is completing it with daily concepts and assignments and/or practice for each subject.

What do I do if I am absent and I miss an assignment?

It is the student’s responsibility to make-up missed assignments in a timely manner when absent. When assignments are completed and turned in on time, students are able to learn at a consistent rate and can acquire the necessary skills to be assessed on a regular basis. Please see building policy regarding re-takes which may change based on updated standards based grading.

How do I check my progress or how do I check my student’s progress?

The best way to check progress on a daily basis is to use Infinite Campus. All students/parents have access to the teacher’s grade book and it is the most effective way to track academic progress.

What do I do if I need extra help?

Teachers want to make sure each student receives the help they need, but students also need to be responsible about asking for that help.  Most Wolf Pack teachers make themselves available on most school days either before school, after school, or at lunch.  It is up to each child to make a plan with the teacher that works for both of their schedules so that students can receive extra help when needed.  

Can I have a drink or snacks in class?

Students are allowed to bring a water bottle to take to all classes (no flavored waters are allowed). Students may have a small healthy snack during any class before lunch. Sharing of snacks will not be allowed. Gum is allowed in some core classes, but we do not want to see it, hear it, or find it anywhere!