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Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Westlake Middle School’s D/HH center-based program strives to reach our students’ full academic potential. Focusing on maintaining high expectations, collaborative student-centered learning, and a multi-modality approach will lead us to academic excellence. Our staff puts an emphasis on direct communication in our students’ native language, signed English, to cement the conceptual understanding across the academic curriculum. Implementation of Deaf Culture and self-advocacy for one’s hearing loss strengthens each one of our student’s individuality and understanding of their disability.

Please use the form below to request an interpreter for lunch times or after school activities. 

Interpreter Request Form

Audiologist Request Form

DHH Teachers' Contact information:

  • Phone: 720-972-3209
  • Video Phone: 720-235-0555

Ally Barwick

Dana Snyder

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PDF icon DHH Math Syllabus 2017-2018.pdf132.04 KB07/25/2018
PDF icon GRC Rubrics MS Math.pdf582.98 KB07/25/2018
PDF icon LA Syllabus 2017-2018.pdf295.91 KB07/25/2018