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Westlake’s Honors program is for students interested in challenging themselves academically.  Students will be challenged through advanced academics, higher order thinking skills and use of best practices.

Characteristics of a Westlake Middle School’s Honors Program

  • Relevance-How is this significant in my life?  How does this information tie to my world?
  • Reflection-Students reflect in a meaningful way on the quality, reliability, and validity of work against standards.
  • Creativity-Students look for ways to solve problems.
  • Motivation-Students are driven to learn by natural curiosity and sense of wonder.
  • Enduring understanding-students focus on big ideas.
  • Breadth-Students are confronted with varied assessments, procedures, activities, and modes of communication.
  • Rigor, pace, and scholarly skills are emphasized.
  • Students will be working at and above grade level in all honors classes with emphasis on challenging curriculum and critical thinking.
  • Instruction will be differentiated to meet student’s academic needs.
  • Operating at the analysis, synthesis, and evaluation levels on a regular basis.

For more information regarding Westlake's Honor Program, please click on the link below for the grade level you are interested in.

6th Grade Honors
7th Grade Honors
8th Grade Honors

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