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6th Grade Training Camp Information

6th Grade Training Camp Information

Click here for the letter regarding 6th Grade Training Camp

Dear Incoming 6th Grade Parents:

In preparing for a successful 6th grade year, we want to make sure your children are placed in the appropriate classes.  In the first 2-3 days of the school year, your children will complete a writing assessment, reading and math MAPs tests, and additional math testing based on MAPs data.

The results of these tests will help us determine honors and intervention placements.  We look at a variety of evidence to determine your child’s placement.  Unfortunately, students who transfer from outside of the district will have fewer data points unless information is provided to the registrar.

Language Arts--Body of evidence based on order of importance in determining placement

Writing assessment scored on a standards based rubric
Reading MAPS--winter, spring, fall of 2018
CMAS if available
GRC scores in reading and writing for 5th grade if available
GT designation

Math--Body of evidence used:

Math MAPS - winter, spring, fall of 2018
Placement written exam
CMAS if available
GRC scores in math for 5th grade if available.
GT designation

We do our very best to make sure students are placed in the appropriate classes, and if a mistake is made, we will make every effort to rectify it.  Also, students who are not placed in honors at the beginning of the year are able to display advanced academics throughout the school year in order to be recommended for placement in 7th grade honors.  There is also an additional placement test before 7th grade for students who are not placed and want another opportunity.

If students demonstrate failing scores, or drops on MAPs it is also possible that a student may require schedule changes to be placed in intervention classes at some point during the school year.  We make every effort to communicate any concerns and successes throughout the year, so you know how your child is doing and next steps they may need.

Thank you for all you do, and here is to a successful 6th grade transition.

6th grade teachers
GT Coordinators
Language Arts and Math Instructional Leaders

Dr. Rachel Heide, Principal
Jon Novotony, Assistant Principal
David Weisbart, Assistant Principal