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Westlake Middle Supports You, Martan Chin!

Westlake supports you

Westlake Middle Supports You, Martan Chin!!

We are heartbroken to share that on Friday, April 30th, 2021, one of Westlake Middle School's 8th grade students, 14-year-old Martan Anthony Chin, was diagnosed with Stage IV Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma, a rare and aggressive cancer. The diagnosis came as a shock because he is a healthy teenager with initially no symptoms except for a few swollen lymph nodes that wouldn't go back down. 

Although Adams 12 Five Star Schools, its Board, Superintendent, or Westlake Middle is not sponsoring, endorsing, or monitoring this fundraiser, those of us that know Martan want to support him through his battle! If you would like to support Martan, you can financially contribute to his GoFundMe OR provide kind words and encouragement by sending a CHEER CARD! 

GoFundMe for Marty's Fight against Cancer:

Here is the link for the CHEER card:

Directions for the Cheer card: 

1. Go to "About" and click "Your Visit"

2. Then click "Gifts and Greetings for Patients"

3. Finally click "Send a Cheer Card to a Patient"

4. Children's Hospital will print your card and hang it in Maran's room!