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Spelling Bee students continue to state round

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Spelling Bee students continue to state round

On Wednesday, February 7, 30 students from elementary and middle schools around Adams 12 Five Star Schools competed in the District Spelling Bee. Students sat on the stage with bright lights shining on them and their hopes of winning while their families filled up The Studio School’s Auditorium to support them. These students competed for multiple rounds across several hours until there was one student left. 

Congratulations to Aditi Muthukumar from Hulstrom K-8 placing 1st and moving on to the state qualifying round on February 22. She will be accompanied by the following 11 students who also qualified for the state competition:

  • Aadhya Muthukumar, Hulstrom K-8 (2nd Place)
  • Apeksha Mishra, Prospect Ridge Academy
  • Brandon Simmons, Thunder Vista P-8
  • June Ritter, Westlake Middle
  • Om Thakekar, Stargate School 
  • Owen Ashworth, Stargate School 
  • Prasid Vemuri, Thunder Vista P-8
  • Sahil Sainani, Hulstrom K-8 (3rd Place)
  • Sidharth Senthil, Westlake Middle
  • Tanush Veeramachaneni, Rocky Top Middle
  • Tristan Walther, Eagleview Elementary
Students pose for the camera

Celebrating all competitors

Congratulations to the other competitors who participated in the District Spelling Bee after being selected as top spellers from across the district:

  • Riyaan Ambardekar, Stargate School
  • Caleb Baker, Meridian Elementary 
  • Samritha Bharani, Prospect Ridge Academy
  • Savannah Brumback, Cotton Creek Elementary
  • Ayana Clark, Century Middle 
  • Kyla Crandall, Rocky Top Middle 
  • Tayden Do, Prospect Ridge Academy
  • Alexis Engel, Silver Hills Middle 
  • Kaitlyn Eyeson, Hulstrom K-8
  • Adele Gray, Coyote Ridge Elementary 
  • Ray Mahajan, STEM Lab
  • Jennae Mattei, Rocky Top Middle 
  • Shrivatsa Murugan, Stargate School
  • Payton Preston, Century Middle 
  • Niha Reddy, Prospect Ridge Academy
  • Gowri Sharath, Meridian Elementary 
  • Vedavyas Vasupradha, Stargate School
Students pose for the camera

The spelling bee success isn't possible without the help and hardwork of our school spelling bee sponsors and our amazing volunteers. 

School Spelling Bee Sponsors

  • Eagleview Elementary- Heathre Palige
  • Hulstrom K-8 - Mandy Festi
  • Prospect Ridge Academy - Kelly Anderson and Claricy Hall
  • Rocky Top Middle - Elizabeth Escobar
  • Stargate School - Lisa Zelinger Cohen and Jen Hanna
  • Thunder Vista P-8 - Tara Koel and Heather Jackson
  • Westlake Middle - Sheryl Skattum and Michelle Cantwell


Thank you Tiah Frankish, Lori Bailey, Heathre Palige, Suzanne Carroll, Bekah Richards, and Lisle Reed.

This story exemplifies our ELEVATE Focus Area: Outside-the-Classroom Learning. Sharing stories about how the district offers students multiple learning opportunities outside the traditional classroom providing various pathways to success.

  • Eagleview Elementary
  • Hulstrom K-8
  • Rocky Top Middle
  • Thunder Vista P-8
  • Westlake Middle School