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Positive Behavior Support

The Westlake Middles School Positive Behavior Support (PBiS) is a data driven, systems approach to behavior modification.  Our PBiS Team supports the school mission statement by focusing on teaching and rewarding desired behaviors rather than punishing negative behaviors.  We are learning about students' behavior through data and research in order to create a more positive, proactive and instructional environment for all of our learners.  The implementation of the PBiS program has increased positive behaviors, decreased disciplinary referrals and increased instructional time in the classroom.


"A simple, yet comprehensive behavioral mindset developed to foster a positive culture within the Westlake community." 

Be Kind.
Be Respectful.
Be Invested.


...act appropriately based on learned expectations.
...receive positive rewards.
...take responsibility for learning.
...know and follow school rules.


...ask your child about appropriate behavior, teaching behavioral expectations in the home.
...speaking in positive ways  (i.e., "all food stays in the kitchen" rather than "no food in the living room").
...using positive rewards at home.
...modeling appropriate behaviors.
...VOLUNTEERING!  We need you!


...teaching behavioral expectations directly and regularly.
...teaching social behaviors like academic skills.
...maximizing academic engagement and success.
...considering the influence of instructional support.
...maintaining consistent expections.
...rewarding expected behaviors.

As most members of the Westlake Middle School community are aware, we have implemented a PBS program at our school.  As part of this program, we are striving to reward positive behavior as often as possible.  Students are reinforced with Warrior Bucks when they are "caught" engaging in appropriate behaviors.  Students then have the opportunity to spend these Warrior Bucks at our School Store.

Since the School Store is non-profit, we rely on donations to keep it stocked.  We are in the process of organizing several fundraisers to help keep the store stocked.  We also welcome any donations families or community members would be willing to give towards our PBS program.  Items we are looking for include:  school supplies, healthy non-perishable snacks, age appropriate games or toys, and/or a monetary donation.  A donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated and would help ensure the success of our PBS program!